First time visiting Curly Hair Designs? Here’s how you should arrive for your Curly Cut:
Hair can be cut both wet and dry and the preference for your hair type will be mentioned once in the chair. If you are unsure, please book a consult prior to your appointment. I am able to achieve beautiful shapes both ways.

Your Hair should be detangled and styled with minimal to no product for a dry cut / Deva Inspired cut. There should be no marks from ponytails, hairclips or hats. Your hair will be washed and styled after your dry cut. Detangling may be an additional cost depending.

The most common service is a Cut + Natural Curl Define (wet cut) followed by the Deva Inspired Dry cut.

Deep Conditioning

Intense Replenishing Hydrating Mask

Hair Shape

Cut + Natural Curl Define $85
Deva Inspired Dry Cut $125
Cut + Blowdry $85
Cut + Blowdry + Flat Iron/Curl $95
Cut + Twist Out $105
Cut + Comb Twists $95
Cut + Bantu Knots $105
Cut + Rod Set $115

Child Styles

9 and under

Cut + Natural Curl Define
Cut + Blowdry
Cut + Blowdry + Flat Iron/Curl
Child Wash + Braids
Cut + Twist Out
Cut + Comb Twists
Cut + Bantu Knots

Hair Designs

Wash + Natural Curl Define $65
Wash + Blowdry $60
Wash + Blowdry + Flat Iron/Curl $65
Wash + Twist Out $95
Comb Twists $75
Wash + Comb Twists $95
Wash + Bantu Knots $95
Wash + Rod Set $95
Cornrow Style $85
Single Braids $105
Half Head Cornrows $55
Weave Wash + Style $85
Wash + Formal Style $100
Bride Trial
Bridal Party
Bride Style
Make-up references available

Hair Glow

Full Colour $100
Colour Retouch $80
Balayage/Ombre $200
Half Head Highlights $120
Half Head Highlights + Colour $160
Full Head Highlights $200
Colour transformation $250 +

Hair Reform

Relaxer + Deep Condition $100
Texturizer + Deep Condition $100
Perm + Deep Condition $120
Keragreen Organic Protein Smoothing System $320

Hair Additions

Partial Weave $180
Full Weave $220
Full Weave + Lace Front closure $240
Full Weave + Lace Frontal closure $250
Cornrows + Extensions $100
Lace Wig customization $100
Lace Wig braid up + application $120

All costs are starting price points and may change at the stylist discretion depending on hair’s length texture, density as well as unknown additions to the service (i.e. extensive detangling). For more accurate pricing, please come and visit us for a complementary consultation prior to your appointment.

We love serving our young clients and helping their parents understand as much as possible about at home hair care. We do not have a preference of minimum age, but please keep in mind your child may not be comfortable during their first visit. Bring along their favourite toy or a device that can help distract them during the process. We try to respect everyone’s appointment during a little one’s visit. Please ensure you can keep your young one occupied during your service if they are waiting with you. Your child’s age does not solidify child pricing. We will still consider length, texture and density.

Cancelation / No Show
We send an email three (3) days prior to your appointment. We then call 48 hours prior to if you do not click the confirmation link. Please consider the impact of not showing up or calling in advance to reschedule your appointment. Please note that a minimum of 24 hours notice is needed to surpass our cancellation fee equaling 50% of your service cost to be charged upon your next visit. If you contact us less than 24 hours prior to your appointment or do not show up, you will be charged 75% of your original appointment. We ask for you to pay via e-transfer before being able to reserve your next appointment.

Unused products can be exchanged within 7 days of purchase. Please let us know if any tool has malfunctioned and we will always do our best to get you set back up with what you need.

We do our best to let you know 30 minutes prior to your appointment if your stylist is running behind. If you arrive late for your appointment, your stylist may need to pause your appointment when the next booked client arrives or reschedule you to another day.

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