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We are a full service salon offering in house training programs contributing to successful industry leaders. Our Mission is to promote a lifestyle of self-expression, self-care and healthy self-image while giving our clients knowledge about the beauty of their hair. Passion is key and we are intent on continually evolving our skill set to enhance our client and team experiences.

We believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to learn everything there is to know about their hair! So many of our clients have gone their entire lives not knowing the beauty that their hair texture holds. From learning new techniques, to gaining a deeper understanding of creating nourished hair, we believe in passing a wealth of knowledge on to our clients so they are empowered to follow a personalized hair care regimen they can execute at home for optimal results.

Why Curly Hair Designs?

Because no child should have to grow up feeling as if they are not beautiful because of their hairstyle, skin colour, body size or any other thing we may find to point out about ourselves that is negative. Being behind the chair, we are able to create the most beautiful view from our eyes. Do you see it too? Do you know that you are beautiful? Can you see what we see? We are here to protect the integrity of the journey to self-acceptance. No one has “bad hair”, but you can lack knowledge resulting in unfitting hair experiences. Our goal is to combine client experience, healthy hair care regimens, and a judgement free environment with innovative hair care techniques and lots of laughs.

The Client Experience

Every one of our clients are beautiful, inside and out and should feel empowered by their hair, ready to take on everything life has to offer. We thrive off of the “each one teach one” philosophy because after all, knowledge is power. This allows for our clients to be equipped with the products, tools, and know how to maintain healthy, beautiful hair even after they step out of the salon.

The Stylist Experience

We maintain an environment where everyone is encouraged to spread love and encourage on another to be the best and give your best each day. Through continued education guided by passion, we perfect our skills constantly and consistently to execute the highest quality experience day to day for ourselves as well as our clientele.


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